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Today is Christmas:

Today is Christmas:

Today is Christmas:

You may have undoubtedly enjoyed yesterday´s dinner with your  family and with delicious food. Today, we propose the following: ideas to share as a family.

So I’ve made a list of very simple things that I want to share with my family these days. I am a girl of lists … I have so many things in my head that as I do not write them down, they go away …

It is a list of ideas to do at Christmas with the family where the slow pace, not complicate a lot and enjoy the tonic in all of them. I share it with you in case it helps you, in case you feel like not having to think a lot and inspire yourself so that then things flow on your own.

Today is Christmas:


Sadly, sometimes we do not know what to do on this much-desired date… Here, the following ideas!

– Sing Christmas songs. A few days ago we spent two nights singing Christmas carols and I realized that it was something that filled their spirits and made them happy … Something so simple that brought them closer to the magic of Christmas … Something we had not done for a long time and this year we take back! If you join the idea I leave you information that may interest you:

– Make some Christmas ornament to give as a gift. We usually make ornaments for our tree but, what if we do some more to give and take to the house of a friend or where we celebrate good night or any other celebration that comes before us?

– Prepare cookies.

– Create a Christmas lottery. This is an idea that we did among my cousins ​​when I was little for a good night, and it was something so simple but as fun as each one prepared something made by one: it could be Christmas decorations, a poem invented, a drawing …

– Dance under the light of the Christmas tree.

– Visit someone we have not seen for a long time.

– Visit some craft market. If we talked about making ornaments with our hands and the value that this conveys, what better to make them see the importance of all this with craftsmanship and show them even more that each object has a history and a value behind: the value of the near.

– Investigate how Christmas is celebrated in another place in the world. Another exciting thing, that they see that the world is not where we live but that there is much beyond and that they have customs very different from ours. For example, in my country and

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