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Tips to take care of your brain!

Tips to take care of your brain!

It’s all about neuroplasticity:

Experiences and the environment modify our neural circuits. That is, when we do a challenging activity, which involves effort, certain brain networks are stimulated.

Tips to take care of your brain!

Here are some tips to stimulate your brain:

1- Maintain mentally active: Perform challenging activities for your brain as it helps keep it fit.
Keep your brain stimulated and encourage new activities. Make sudokus, crossword play, play board games.

2- Keep a wide range of interests and hobbies
Encourage yourself to learn something new, something that costs you: either a language you do not know, a subject that you do not know or play a musical instrument. Dare to learn something that will excite you.

3- Include physical activity in your daily routine: Walk, swim, or do some other physical activity you enjoy. Regular physical exercise helps maintain a healthy weight and control vascular risk factors.

4- Leave a healthy diet: Eat fruits, vegetables, cereals and foods high in fiber.

5- Consume fish (rich in omega 3): In order to reduce your intake of sodium and sugar. This means you should not eat foods with high saturated fat.

6- Reduce your stress levels: Try to enjoy pleasurable and recreational activities. Take care of your mood.

7- Sleep well: Restful sleep plays an important and important role in our health. Try to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.

8- Carry an active social and cultural life: Social interactions help us maintain a good mood and reduce our stress levels. Look for opportunities to share with family and friends.

All in all, take care of your health… This also means going to your doctor regularly. It also means you to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
(Tobacco and alcohol abuse are harmful to your health).

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