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Tips in order to eat a little bit less during summer!

Tips para comer en verano y ¡no ganar kilos!

Large numbers of people interpret summer as a cycle of their lives in which they inevitably gain a few pounds, but that proposition is not quite correct.
Eating in summer and not getting fat is possible if you take into account some guidelines that not only allow us not to neglect our diet but also help us to avoid that feeling of heaviness then a meal on the beach.

Fruit, the inevitable food.

During summer we usually start eating low, and we are led to eat foods lighter and full of water.
How about replacing midday fries with a kiwi or an apple? The professionals in food advise to consume 4 or 5 pieces of fruit per day and remind us that some.

Salads, do not miss it!

Raw green lettuce, tomato or spinach are great for starving yourself at the time of the meal and / or dinner, but be careful! If you add goats cheese, add nuts with salt or the dew with cesar sauces, it will not do! Leave aside these ingredients for something lighter like a carrot, tuna or special virgin olive oil for salads.

Follow your stomach.

Too many times we go through a street stall and say “how hungry!”, But it’s not a real hunger, it’s really a “I fancy” or “I feel like”. That’s why we advise you to evaluate whether it is a physical hunger or rather a psychological hunger and, also, we recommend that you hydrate. In summer, because of the heat, some people confuse thirst with hunger. Try to drink a glass of water and see if it will calm your hunger. If you notice no, have a light snack, how about some fruit? Or raw nuts and without salt? Some burgos cheese tomato juice? There are many different options!

Do not skip any food.

Even if you have chopped something in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon, we recommend that you do not skip your meal or dinner, but you do adecues what you go to eat to what you have taken as an appetizer. To avoid a meal, the only thing you can do is to make yourself hungrier in a few hours and fall a binge.

Do exercise.

Take advantage of having more free time to walk on the beach, to practice some aquagym in the pool or to do some sport that allows you to enjoy your free time, do you want to use the bicycle, play the paddle, run or play volleyball?

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