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The way you write talks about your personality! Let’s find below why

La forma en que escribes habla sobre tu personalidad

Probably countless times has attracted your attention to graphology and those theories that talk about how the way we write is able to reveal certain aspects of our personality. In this article we want to tell you some of his secrets.

It is always striking to guess different traits of our personality through the way we write. It is precisely on this that graphology is entrusted, a pseudoscience that postulates that our calligraphy can reveal certain details of our character, our way of acting and even about our physical health and mental balance. Find below the main hypotheses.


La forma en que escribes habla sobre tu personalidad

Does the letter size matter?
In the case of the letter is a ‘resounding’ the answer is yes, according to the graphology these are the characteristics according to the size of your letter.

Small letter: you are a meticulous person and perfectionist, you are very demanding with yourself and shy before the others, you are quite introverted and you have a closed circle of confidence.

Big screen: you are someone sociable and extroverted, you enjoy being in contact with other people and whenever there is a meeting of people, you do your best to be the center of attention, you also have security in yourself.

Average letter: with you everything is very simple, you adapt easily to different situations and you are malleable to the difficulties that may arise.

Do you write in italics?
Yes, the inclination of your letter when you write also has a meaning according to graphology.

Without inclination: you are a very logical and practical person in your daily decisions.
Right-leaning: you are open to new challenges and risks without too much hesitation.
Inclined to the left: you have trouble being the center of attention, you are rather introverted.

Give me space, please
The separation you put between your words is also a point to value within this analysis of your character.

Wide separation between words: you need to always have a space reserved for you and be able to limit the distance with other people.
Reduce separation between words: you do not like solitude and you always need the support of the people who are around you.

Keep the form, even in writing
Graphology also postulates that a more rounded style or, conversely, more angular shapes define some nuances about your way of being.

-Love angels: you are an impulsive, passionate and intelligent person, your ambition can play a bad trick and you can become aggressive in certain situations.
-Round rounds: you are sweet, serene and creative, you enjoy a lot in making a difference with those around you and your originality gives you charisma.
-Calligraphy united: you are methodical and systematic, also you are a very wise person in the decision making.

The “i” can be paradigmatic
The way of putting the point on the ‘i’ has different interpretations

-To the left: you are an undecided person.
-To the right or centered: you are empathetic and resolutive.
-Circular: you are a great visionary.
-Very tall: you have a great imagination.
– Long: you are perfectionist and critic with yourself.

The pressure you put on paper when you write determines, among several things, your energy level.

Strong reaction: you know how to take the criticisms well and you are able to accept them without any problem.
Smooth / normal: you are very empathetic with the rest and sensitive to what is happening in the world.

Sign here please
The signature, lastly, also has its interpretation within the context that we have been reporting up to here.

– If it is readable: you are comfortable with yourself and you feel comfortable in your mixed, you are safe to others.
-If it is legible at all (not a single letter): you are an introverted and maniac in certain aspects of your life.

And you, how do you write?

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