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The secret is in the lips:

The secret is in the lips:

The secret is in the lips:

The tips to implement and renew the look.

One of the basic concepts of makeup is to look for a single point of attention, which can be the eyes or the lips.
The trends in make up for the next seasons mark an innovative item: the ultra dark lips.

The secret is in the lips:

In the color range, plum, violet, borravino and even lead gray and black predominate – for a transgressive style and with gothic inspiration – they will renew the most arranged looks and also the casual ones.

The secret is in the lips:

How to lead this trend?

Impeccable skin In any makeup composition, the beauty of the skin is essential. Therefore, a good ultra-light base that matches the different skin tones and maintains its translucent and natural appearance will be ideal. It will give a shocking result, without appearing overloaded.

The eyes should be tenuous … This gives a harmonious and little overloaded effect. Therefore, in this case, the best neutral shadows will be matte or iridescent, according to your taste, a mask for powerful effect lashes.

The secret is in the lips:

Now, 4 tips to improve lip makeup:

1- Before choosing a shade in the violet range, keep in mind that the teeth must be perfectly white, since this option highlights the yellowish tints.

2- If your lips are very thin, the dark tones will tend to optically shrink the thickness even more.

Therefore, it is better to think of the palette of moderately dark berry or other alternatives that are not too dark.

3- To give the feeling of greater volume, once placed the lipstick, you can add another cosmetic a lighter shade in the middle of both lips

4- To prevent the labial from running, outline the lips with an eyeliner in the same shade of lipstick that you chose from the skin tone.

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