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Tartar problems? Here’s why:

Tartar problems? Here's why:

Tartar and its dental complications:

Sadly and as much as it may embarrass us, a large number of adults have these problems.
Far from being a mere aesthetic problem, tartar puts your smile at risk.

Tartar problems? Here's why:

Its accumulation, especially in the gum line, increases the risk of decay and can cause gingivitis. In addition, it frequently generates bad breath.

Tartar problems? Here's why:

3 Bad habits you should avoid in order to take care of your teeth:

Bad habit 1: brushing your teeth less than twice a day
In our mouth, the bacteria live and reproduce continuously, forming what we call “bacterial plaque”, a colorless and sticky film that surrounds our teeth. These bacteria feed on the remains of food that accumulate during the day and in doing so, they damage the enamel.
We usually remove most of the bacterial plaque twice a day with brushing. But if the cleaning is not assiduous, the contact with the minerals of the saliva hardens it and it changes color to a yellowish brown, turning into tartar.

Bad habit 2: do not performing a deep cleaning
But with brushing it is not enough to remove all the bacterial plaque that accumulates throughout the mouth. While we can sweep the one that adheres to the surfaces of most teeth, our brush can not always reach the corners of the bottom of the mouth. In addition, the bristles often can not clean the spaces between the teeth, or sometimes we do not devote enough time to massage the gums and remove the plaque that accumulates on the border with the teeth.
To keep tartar away from our smile, the daily use of dental floss and mouthwash is essential. This will assure us that we are removing as much plaque as possible throughout the mouth so that it does not harden.

Bad habit 3: smoking
In addition to severely damaging your lungs, tobacco is bad for your smile. Smoking favors dry mouth, produces bad breath, increases the chances of suffering decay and gingivitis and, as you can imagine, facilitates the appearance of tartar.

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