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This is what successful weekends look like:

This is what successful weekends look like:

Nothing like home:

Our home is that space we inhabit, where we can feel unique and at ease with ourselves and in the company of those with whom we share our days. A place to which we have placed our love, care and care. An area of ​​well-being, relaxation and comfort, a place to feel safe, renew energies and connect with our own.

This is what successful weekends look like:

Here is a list of several simple pleasures that make us enjoy the home:

1- Take off your shoes and walk barefoot all over the house. In addition, stripping off the shoes makes us leave out the energy from the outside, perhaps that is why Oriental cultures leave their shoes outside, in addition to avoid messing the interior. Even if we have a garden and can be in direct contact with the grass of nature, the sensation will give more freedom.

2- Put your broken, old shirt or comfortable clothes on. All week we produce, we combed and make up, so when we are at home we free ourselves and we like to wear that old cotton shirt, broken, or those pants that barely survive!

3- Take Cappuccino all day long, with vanilla that sure! Yummy!

4- Dip in the tub or give us a nice relaxing bath in the shower. We can create an atmosphere with relaxing music and candles. A great way to relax your muscles and perfect your skin.

5- Exercise. Nothing like being in the comfort of home, take a moment to do Yoga, meditate or follow a training routine.

6- Do nothing … an excellent decision to fully enjoy the present moment.

This is what successful weekends look like:

7- Take care of our plants and pets. To enjoy our house is also to be able to devote time to be connected with the nature, to take care of our plants and to play with our pets, that they give us a sense of harmony and good energies.

8- Enjoy a good and elaborate food or eat delivery, or the plate of your mother, or your grandmother. Working hours and lack of time lead us to eat out of the house, to buy fast and quick lunch; therefore, eating homemade food is a great pleasure.

9- Take a nap. It is very beneficial for the body: it relaxes, clears, allows us to renew energies and makes us feel very good.

10- Watch movies or our favorite series. This point is mixed with point 8 and 9 mentioned above. Seeing a complete series in a day is a weekend treat.

11- Go out with a new appointment and take it home …

12- Listen loudly to your favorite song over and over again; dance and act in front of the mirror. Music stimulates the senses, improves the mood, favors our creativity and our emotions.

13- Find food recipes or health tips to better combat the week.

14- Make video call with a family member who is far from you. See her face, laugh, feel that is close to you.
Home sweet Home !!!

15- And how to forget the fact of being with the one you love all day long!

This is what successful weekends look like:

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