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My son never wants to go outside the house. Is it a Syndrome of Insecurity?

My son never wants to go outside the house. Is it a Syndrome of Insecurity?

Many times it is a frequent concern that it can be wrong:

We do not know well where the myth came from that the children have to be in the park or in the street playing … maybe of some movie that idealized everything. A style of going that does not suit your child’s.

So, sometimes we see that some kids, once they are outside, they donĀ“t know what to do, how to play…

My son never wants to go outside the house. Is it a Syndrome of Insecurity?

However, we must see the following factors:

1- Fatigue:
The fatigue accumulated throughout the week also means that sometimes, when Saturday arrives and we say, “come dress up, we’re going to …” tell us no.

They want to go to another rhythm, or rather, they needto go to another rhythm and, today they can, have a slow breakfast, get dressed whenever they want and do not rush and run, and play in their pajamas on the couch. You have to respect them too. For example, let them play with they family members inside the house…

My son never wants to go outside the house. Is it a Syndrome of Insecurity?

2- See if they are calling for some attention:
Everyone happens, sometimes they want to receive emotional and psychological support from people who consider their guides. It is important that, if we detect that you need attention (either because you see little, or because you feel jealousy, or whatever it is), we lend it without judging it.

3- Stress:
So is. Children are also stressed … stress is not just for adults.
We live in a hyper-stimulating and stressful world. And children are also stressed. We go at a daily, daily rhythm, too high for what children can endure. And they endure it because they have no choice, but their level of stress is high.

Then when they get home and relax, the tiredness and the need for calm and rest leave. Deep rest. Play without hurry. Spend hours lying around, even doing nothing. Doing nothing is also valid and getting bored too.

Sometimes we see them bored and we already intervene trying to activate that child who perhaps does not feel the need to do anything. It’s fine that way, too.

4- Fear:
They may want to stay at home and not leave because they have had a more fearful season, because one day they heard a noise in the street that scared them a lot, because in the school there are some kids who mess with him, because mom is pregnant, etc.

In this case we will have to find out what exactly happens and help you, validating your emotions, giving you security, reinforcing your self-esteem and accompanying your emotions, whatever they may be.

Fear emerges as an inevitable phenomenon when there is a displacement of the basic structure and with it a modification of the internal balance, which in the strictly organic plane is translated as pain, discomfort or displeasure and in the psychic plane as fear and anguish that paralyzes the be.

It is important to know that they can assist a psychologist for a time to get them out.

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