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Snail slime as a cosmetic product?!

Snail slime as a cosmetic product

This vintage is great for your skin. Believe it or not:

Snail slime as a cosmetic product

Snail slime is recognized for preventing and eliminating wrinkles, lightening stretch marks, removing scars caused by wounds and first-degree burns, removing acne, and cleaning sun spots. Why? Because the Snail Lime has a double function: On the one hand, it stimulates the formation of collagen, elastin and the dermal component that repair the signs of photoaging and, on the other hand, minimizes the damage caused by the premature aging of the skin.

Snail slime as a cosmetic product

It slows the aging process of skin tissues and protects them from the oxidizing action of free radicals, improving skin elasticity, firmness, density and texture, relieving irritation and minor skin wounds caused by hair removal; It has also been shown to be effective in removing warts from the skin.

The snail lime has many healing properties in it since snails themselves produced it to heal their own tissues and repair their shells when it breaks down. Although this was an aspect already known in ancient Rome and Greece, where the figure of the snail was the symbol of the pharmacies, so to speak, of those times, by its medicinal properties.

Eight Properties of this weird product:

1- It softens in a high percentage the stretch marks and cellulite.

2- Removes ance marks.

3- Powerful natural anti-wrinkle.

4- It clears scars, even the deepest or oldest scars.

5- Eliminates skin marks and diseases.

6- Removes marks of burns or stains on the skin of birth.

7- Recommended in post-surgery treatments, to avoid the formation of keloids and scars.

8- Eliminates dead or dysfunctional cells, leading to the development of healthy cells.

Snail slime as a cosmetic product

In recent years the field of beauty care has experienced a phenomenon by the appearance of Snail Slime, a natural product with fascinating cosmetic and medicinal properties. It is a secretion produced by land snails that performs functions vital to them as the processes of repair and regeneration, and after careful studies it was determined that it possessed the same properties on human skin.



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