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Read the body language to know if someone is jealous:

Read the body language to know if someone is jealous:

Jealousy destroys all types of human relationships:

Who has not been jealous for someone?

The celotipia is very unpleasant, it leads the couples to irremediable thunder and strong fights, many of them without foundations and that only hurt other people: family, friends, co-workers, etc.

For example: “There are people who say that their partners are infidels, that they have seen them with others, that the hours they spend on the street is because they walk in a meeting, every time they talk or say hello to a man they think it is his lover, among other situations. ”

Read the body language to know if someone is jealous:

Like everything in life, excesses harm. The behavior or outbursts of jealousy without justification have their limit, especially when there is a relationship of half-closed by “trust”.

Celotipia is a mental disorder that causes fears and visions of losing someone who belongs to them and who loves them.

Many of the relationships are broken by this scourge, which allows to give “faith” of imaginary actions, in an unhealthy way about the person we want, he emphasized.

Jealousy is an emotion, a perfectly natural feeling that is very difficult to define. But, for the jealous people, the body reflects naturally when this sensation is present in someone.

Read the body language to know if someone is jealous:

1- Face without expression, neck and jaws tense
In the case of men, a frown is common, but in women the opposite occurs: the face remains serious and expressionless, because they do not intend to “reveal” what they feel at that moment.

2- Answers with monosyllables
“Yes”, “No”, “Ujum”, suddenly become an integral part of the lexicon.

3- Deep breathing
This anxiety causes a choking product of a more superficial breathing. Some words can be run over and even speech can be made slightly labored.

4- Most frequent blockages
If the person is separated from the headset, he will be more likely to cross his arms and legs, trying to hide his feelings under a protective “shell”.

5- Reproaches for no apparent reason
Even if they categorically deny any relationship with jealousy, a change of mood gives us a clue about the internal conflict (in other words, it wants to kill you).

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