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Preconceptive pills:

Preconceptive pills:

What is the contraceptive pill?

Contraceptive methods are different ways to prevent pregnancy. There are many different methods that work very well and are easy to use. So, are you ready to stop worrying about pregnancy?

Birth control pills are a type of medication that you must take every day to protect against pregnancy. The term Long-Term Contraceptives describes a range of highly effective, reversible contraceptive methods that work over a long period of time. . There are many different brands of pills. The pill is safe, affordable and effective if you always take it on time. In addition to protecting against pregnancy, the pill has many other health benefits.

They are Very High Efficiency: they have 2 tips to remember:
1- You can not forget them

2- They protect you for more time

Preconceptive pills:

How do contraceptive pills protect against pregnancy?

The contraceptive pill works by preventing the arrival of the sperm to the ovum (what is called “fertilization”).

The hormones in the pill prevent ovulation. Without ovulation, there is no egg that the sperm can fertilize, so that pregnancy can not occur.

In addition, the hormones in the pill thicken the cervical mucus. When the cervical mucus is thicker, it hinders the arrival of the sperm to the ovule, something like a stubborn security guard.

Preconceptive pills:


Forgetting the pills, losing the box, not asking for a new box on time – these are the main reasons why people who take the pill become pregnant. It is good to think about these things beforehand. Here are some points that will help you remember to take the pill every day:

1- Use a reminder app or set an alarm on your phone.

2- Keep the pack of pills next to an item you use every day (such as a toothbrush or phone charger).

3- Keep the pills in your wallet to carry with you always.

4-If you have friends or family members who take medication every day, they can both accompany each other and remind each other that they should take it.

5- Your partner should help you remember it.

Do you want to be totally and absolutely sure of not getting pregnant by accident? Also use a condom every time you have vaginal sex. In that way, you also protect yourself against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Does the pill protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

No. While the pill is very good at preventing pregnancy, it does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases.

Preconceptive pills:

Luckily, using a condom in every sexual relationship greatly reduces the chances of catching or spreading STDs. The other great benefit of the condom is that it also prevents pregnancies, so using a condom and birth control pills at the same time offers an excellent level of pregnancy prevention

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