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Parenting with confidence:


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“Families are about love overcoming emotional torture”- Matt Groening.

#bestmom and #bestdad are one of the most popular hasthtags on the net and social media. How is that possible? Well, being a good father or mother isn´t easy at all. The main reason is that no-one really knows which school to go in order to receive proper education for being afterwards a good parent. There is no degree. Popular voices say that you can be a good mother or father is you had a good mother or father: this is FAKE.

You can be an excellent mother or father, if you want to be one. There are moments in life where we have to choose our own way, and we just can´t blame others for our present or future. You have to choose properly.


So, here we are going to give some few -but really useful- tips, given to us by some Argentinan psychologists, in order to hopefully help you in your parenting:

1- Your kids, aren´t your property: there are no more slaves anymore. We live in a free world and you know that. Your kids are born in this world, thus, they are born free. So, let them have they own life, and be there if they ever ask you for help. You can recommend them, what you believe is the best way for them; but you can´t make them choose what you want. Simple as that.

2- Your son or daughter must receive a lot of tons of love from you. Love is the answer for everything. This fact is common sense nowadays. However, despite this truth, love has limits; this means you should give space and limits to your kids when they are not in the mood, or when they act unproperly. Don´t be constantly behind them, let them space, let them try new things. Experience is really important in this life. Experience is carpe diem.


3- Influence but never impose direct preferences. Imagine giving your own directions or restrictions to someone who isn´t you… those aren´t going to be proper for the situation. Whatsmore if those imposed direct preferences you give, have a really bad result; who do you think they are going to blame? Yes, you.

4- Be fair: your kid did something wrong. Well, punish him but be fair too. Don´t exceed the punishment. We were all kids once, remember that.

5- Enjoy them: because one day they are going to be adults too. So enjoy the moment when they are kids; and never forget the fact that you should let them go, let them free. That´s the way it is, that´s the way life is.


6- Still be the same, be the one you have always been. This tip, is useful for every aspect in life. Be real to yourself, lying is the worst thing can ever happen to you.


“After all, family and friends are the only thing we have”- Plato

Enjoy Sundays with them! 

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