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Why is palm oil so bad for health?

One of the most used oils in the world:

Palm oil is an oil of vegetable origin found in many food products, which despite its widespread use becomes an unhealthy option. Discover why!

Why is palm oil so bad for health?

If you look at the labels of the majority of food products that you have at the moment in your pantry, it is quite possible that, among its ingredients, you find palm oil. And, without a doubt, we are facing one of the most used oils in the world, being very easy to find it in a great diversity of products that we eat every day. All this despite not being a very suitable option from a nutritional and medicinal point of view.

This oil is produced from the fruits of the African palm, a perennial that can reach more than 100 years and 40 meters in height, although due to its productive use the truth is that usually do not reach up to 25 years and 12 meters high.

Why is palm oil so bad for health?

Its fruits are grouped in a kind of drupe, which are covered by a waxy tissue, with a hard and round structure inside which we find an almond. From these fruits you get what is known as palm oil.

Why is palm oil so bad for health?

Where do we find palm oil?
The truth is that we can find palm oil in the composition of a very large variety of products (food and non-food). From a food point of view, the products where we can commonly distinguish the presence of this oil as one of its ingredients are the following:

Pastries, cakes, cookies and cakes: especially in the case of industrial pastries as a substitute for hydrogenated fats and butter.
-Coberturas y creams: melting better than chocolate tends to be used to maintain and store creams and toppings.

-Styl products: it is common to find it in margarines or cocoa creams since, because it has a high content of saturated fats, it tends to facilitate the spread.

-Precooked products: it is very common to find palm oil as an ingredient in a wide variety of precooked foods, from pizzas to fried potatoes or breaded foods. The reason is simple, in addition to being cheaper it tends to become less rancid.

-Appetizers and salty chips: especially because this oil tends to hold more chips than other fats.

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