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Find here the benefits of cocoa, a pleasant antioxidant!

Te contamos aqui los beneficios del cacao, ¡antioxidante placentero!

This note will bring happiness to your life and also your palate. We can finally talk about a “good, rich and healthy” food, THE COCOA. Mainly ingredient of our guilty pleasure chocolate has been tested to be heart healthy, source of antioxidants and could even be an ally in weight loss. We’ll review below all …

Nails stamped, furor for the print!

Uñas estampadas, el furor por el print es total

We must admit that when it comes to choosing a single color of nails, decision can take us longer than we are willing to admit, why not opt ​​for a mix of all your favorite tones and textures in a single nail art? Furor of the print is increasingly transcending the limits of the catwalk …

Recipes with herbs and spices, wealthy and healthy! Find out how to take care of yourself.

Recetas con hierba y especias, ricas y saludables! Entérate como cuidarte.

Perfumed and aromatic, they are used in sweet and savory dishes. Seeds, roots and sticks; Infinite variety to definitely combine with any recipe. Make them tempting! Rools with massage and sailed vegetables “The masala is a blend of different spices used in Indian cuisine that gives it a distinctive flavor and aroma.It can be prepared …