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What´s coming.

The fashion world is always on the move. And in order to keep moving, inspiration is everywhere! That´s why, this time as many other times in the past history of fashion and as we all know, the streets fed the New York Fashion Week, as it´s main inspiration. Back to the basics, the decontracted style has come back again? We can confirm that.

How can we prove that?

For example: ´Hip-Hop´ has always been a huge influence for new trends, and Marc Jacobs took the opportunity to combine the urban style while presenting his new clothes on the runaway.

Jeremy Scott, used some incredible colour combos! His main patterns combined religious pictures with some fluor green and orange, in order to add some awesome creativity!

Ralph Lauren, used some monochromatic colours with a really cool metallic texture as Custo Barcelona and Alexander Wang… don´t be afraid to shine and sparkle!

Whatsmore, and other detail you should pay attention to in order to appreciate how decontracted style is already here, just see in the pictures how baggy clothes are used by -almost- every designer…

Fashion World never gives up, and always comes with something new. Now, it´s your turn to start practicing.

Rememeber: if you want to be original, start from the origins.

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