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No Shampoo:

No Shampoo:

Yup. What you´ve heard.

Trends are awesome. They put the move in movement, and are the main factor to show us how things that we thought were the only way to happen, weren´t really like that. This world is awesome, and there are several possibilities. On this article you will know something new: the ´no-poo movement´

No Shampoo:

As you may know, shampoo did not exist in the past. Romans used to clean their heads with water of roses, and used olive oil to clean their skin.
This little lesson of history, was given to you, in order to show you that shampoo is something, quite new in human history: it has 100 years of history, no more than that.

Can you imagine Native Americans, Vikings, Greeks using it? Mmm… nah.

A lot of young people, nowadays, all over the world are in the no shampoo movement. Yes. They don´t use any kind of shampoo or whatever, saying that in such way, their hair still keeps clean, and is much better for their head skin. As you already, shampoo, has a lot of chemicals; chemicals that may damage your soft skin.
What these youngsters do, is honestly spectacular: they are trying to fight against the chemical entrepresises which produce all these kind of -bad but nice- shampoos.
It is, apparently, much better for you; and for sure, for the Earth, as all the chemicals don´t go into the pipe lines of sewer water.

So, should you turn into this movement?
If you want to try something new, you should. People who have tried this method admit they hair is much better than before; however you shouldn´t get too discouraged if your hair feels a little bit oily in the first weeks. The complete process will last 2 to 6 weeks depending on your biology, the type of shampoo you used to put, and how often you shampooed previously.

What´s more, people from this movement, are trying to show the world, that shampoo, has nothing to do with your hair, nither your keratine of your hair; and are trying to show, that all the advertisings you watch are fake.

It depends who answers this question, because scientists are split into two different sides… however something is true: SLS Chemical (a foaming agent) is pretty bad! And, the main concept behind the movement is that chemical detergents used in the composition of shampoo are in fact so effective, that they finally damage your natural oils.

Try it, and let´s see what happens! You may say it´s nasty, or you may say it´s your new discovery!


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