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Mustard chicken:

Mustard chicken:

Chic, Chicken:

This recipe will make you look like everyone else. It is so delicious that it was part of the secret recipes of the aristocracy of Dijon (a region in France, which produces a lot of ‘moutard‘).


– Half glass of dry white wine

-Two yellow lemons that you should cut in half

– 600 grams of large-sized garlic

– One whole chicken

– One and a half tablespoon cold butter

– 2 tablespoons of mustard

– Salt and pepper to season to taste.

Mustard chicken:



The first thing that you have to do to prepare this rich dish is to put the oven to preheat to a temperature of 220 ° C so that it is ready for the moment to introduce the chicken.

Once this is done, you should pour the half glass of wine into an iron frying pan or a baking dish that is large enough for the whole chicken to fit. We booked this frying pan with wine for later.

(If you decide on the option of the frying pan, it needs to be iron as this will pass more heat and the cooking time will be lower, while if you use utensils of another type of material, the cooking time can increase up to two hours approximately)

Once we have poured the wine and we have reserved it, you must place the two lemons cut in half inside the chicken. You should smear half of the butter under the skin of the breast while the mustard should spread around the skin. Once you have smeared the butter and mustard, you have to sprinkle the piece to your liking. Performed these steps, place the chicken inside the container with the wine that you had previously reserved.

Then you should bake the chicken for about 15 minutes at the temperature you had, then reduce this temperature to 180 degrees and keep it for a time of about an hour to cook completely. Record the recipe well because you will be asked.


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