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Marinated salmon with ginger, wasabi and citrus sauce:

Marinated salmon with ginger, wasabi and citrus sauce:

Do you have to be the star of the night? Here your exit plan!

Marinated salmon with ginger, wasabi and citrus sauce:

– 500 g of fresh salmon loin without skin or bones
–  ½ orange zest
– lime file
– 15 g of fresh ginger
– 125 g of brown sugar
– 125 g of coarse salt
– 1 sprig of fresh dill.
– 100 g of orange juice
– 30 g of lime juice
– ¼ teaspoon wasabi pasta
– 25 g of fresh ginger
– 60 g of soy sauce
– 50 g of extra virgin olive oil


We will start freezing the salmon for two days to avoid parasitic problems. Once the time has passed, we thaw it, wash it and dry it well with a kitchen paper.

We make a mixture of brown sugar, coarse salt and grated orange, lime and fresh grated ginger. We spread a kitchen film and we distribute half of this mixture on top, place the salmon loin and cover with the rest of the mixture, covering all the fish well. We close the kitchen film making a package and on a tray, and leave it in the fridge for 48 hours with some weight on it.

When time passes we wash the fish and dry it well. We cut thin slices with a sharp knife and place them on a plate without piling them.

To make the dressing, we put in a scoop the orange juice, the lime juice, the wasabi in pasta, the soy, the oil and the ginger in small dice. Cook over low heat for eight minutes or until reduced by half. Let cool and salseamos the fish.

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