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Let´s talk about your diet:

Let´s talk about your diet:

Do you take care of your diet at home and do not respect it once you are out?

So, during the week you don´t eat or you just go with your salad, in order to show the others that you eat properly, in a healthy way with a healthy diet… and you admit that you love to preactice sport… but on Friday night you drink 3 beers, and take all the junk food you can possibly eat?

Let´s talk about your diet:

Don´t worry this is very, very common. And nutritionists have to deal with several types of this case every single day.

Here are some tips that may help you:

1- Choose water or low-calorie drinks, so there will be a large saving of empty calories. If you drink wine, also request a glass of water or soda to quench your thirst.

2-  Avoid the bread basket they usually bring in the restaurants before the meal. If you like a lot, stick with a small piece and ask the waiter to remove the basket.

3- If you like saltiness, opt for a dish of your choice to enjoy and finish your meal with a cup of tea or coffee. If you like more sweet eat a healthy dish based on some meat and salad and indulge yourself with the dessert.

4-  Do not eat at home before going out since you will eat twice. Even though you feel full, you may be tempted by what you see on the table.

5- At a lunch look very well at everything on the table and see what foods you can avoid to eat only those you like very much.

6-  You have to know how to stop when you feel satisfied. If there is food left in the fountain you can ask the waiter to wrap it and take it to your house to eat at another time.

7-  If you eat out every day, it is advisable to choose dishes based on grilled meats with fresh salads and dessert fruit, accompanied with water.

8- Avoid “free” food places. It is very common to overeat because “everything is paid for.” Foods and desserts are often abused, so avoiding them is recommended.

9- Find out the size of the portion beforehand and, if it is plentiful, share it with someone else.

10- Ask for fresh salads, such as caesar or caprese salad, ideal to “snack” until the main course arrives.
(Choose the garnish very well. You can leave aside the typical French fries to replace them with fresh salads or grilled vegetables).

Specialists also considers it interesting to take into account the recommendations of the Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization, among which: making the act of eating a privileged moment of pleasure in comfortable and quiet places where there are no stimuli to consume unlimited amounts of food.

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