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Lego hamburgers: ¿Playing with food?

Hamburguesas Lego: ¿jugamos con la comida?

¿Are you a Lego Fan? Then this hamburgers will take a smile off your face.


Who has not heard his mother ever say “food is not for playing” in the course of our childhood and youth? I always remember my mother repeating it to me all the time when there was no way to make me eat and I turned the food that was in front of me on the plate.
Well, now seems to have reversed this practice, many parents are currently engaged in creating true works of art so that their children have fun while eating the always neglected vegetables. Now the thing seems to go further.


Through Internet we have discovered a restaurant located in the Philippine Islands that has decided to make the burgers of its menu look like one of those games of our childhood: Lego pieces. How? Very easy, making the typical bread for hamburgers round is transformed into portions of square bread and the most eye-catching colors. And not only that, they have also made the details of the inserts.


The restaurant in question is called Brick Burger and has created four different recipes, each with a different color: one piece Lego yellow burger, another orange, one red and one black. This totally original reinvention of the hamburgers comes from the owner of this establishment, Jergs Correa who, as is easy to imagine, is a fan of Lego and fast food.


¿Eres fanatica de Lego?, entonces estas hamburguesas sacaran una sonrisa de tu rostro

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