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Kitchen Gadgets Really Useful!

There are so many tools out there that are supposed to make your life easier in the kitchen, but it’s hard to distinguish useful ones from the gimmicks.

Here are some tools to make you feel like the most held-together chef in the biz, and they’re all available on Amazon.

Flexible Measuring Cups

Forget about trying to pour your mixture out of a bowl and suddenly losing half of its contents. With this, you can create a perfect spout and skip the messy transfer.

Herb Cutter

Chopping teeny tiny leaves is one of the most difficult tasks in the kitchen, so make your life a little easier with this tool that will do it for you perfectly.

Onion Holder

Use this to keep the odor off your hands and to create more even slices across spherical foods —they’re always so difficult to cut towards the end.

Palm Peeler

Work your peeler with ease by using this convenient, comfortable tool.

Spaghetti Measure

Control your pasta portions with this handy measuring tool.

Tiered Oven Rack

When you’re preparing a meal and need more dishes in the oven than you have room for (hello, holidays!), you’ll reach for this tool every time.

Multi-functional Slicer

This is perfect for slicing tomatoes, a ball of mozzarella, or even a hard-boiled egg.

Water Bottle Ice Tray

No more fighting with a square peg and a round hole (literally), these ice bars will fit right into your water bottle.

Wine Aerator

This funny gadget will make you the sommelier of your friend group.

Four-Item Timer

If you’re a multi-tasker in the kitchen, this timer will help keep your eye on up to four different timed dishes.

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