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The keys to survive a trip as a couple:

The keys to survive a trip as a couple:

Traveling as a couple does not have to be synonymous with idyllic and magical. The continuous friction with the other person for 24 hours a day makes even the strongest couples can argue for nonsense at any time. Because if everything goes well, it is wonderful to see spectacular landscapes, fun people, share anecdotes … but if things get complicated and do not go well, stress, fatigue and different opinions can bring out the worst in everyone.

The keys to survive a trip as a couple:

It is easy to end up hating that special person that now occupies our heart. To avoid it, you just have to follow some obvious recommendations.

Before starting the trip it is very important to plan, make plans to take into account the interests of both, places to go, things to do, how much money to spend, … it is necessary to talk before starting the trip so as not to create disappointments , or false expectations. In addition, you have to find a balance between what one likes or the other.

The keys to survive a trip as a couple:

First of all you have to talk about money to avoid doing it a posteriori, and establish a daily budget or one for the entire trip. Agree spending will avoid many of the problems that may arise such as how much to pay in accommodation, sandwich or restaurant? or other kinds of issues that can lead to a discussion, resolve on their own.

Although many things have been agreed upon prior to the trip, being flexible is necessary so as not to create unnecessary tensions. Do not be so demanding with the plans and leave some time for improvisation, since any unplanned situation causes stress and can ruin a trip. You have to know how to adapt and savor the moments together.

The keys to survive a trip as a couple:

To forget about the possible mishaps that may occur while traveling, there is nothing like hiring health insurance that includes medical emergencies, repatriation, if necessary, and civil liability, in this way, in case of emergency, there is no danger of being abandoned by the other, or worse, create a crisis and panic. With insurance there is always a phone to go.

Immortalizing travel through photographs is fine, but vacations are to disconnect from daily life and enjoy the couple, for this it is necessary to forget about the mobile and social networks, and devote all our time to the other person , without interruptions.

The jet lag, a long trip, not enough sleep or many activities together, all causes discomfort and fatigue that manifests itself in the form of moodiness and stress. Letting the body recover to continue the journey is a success.

In addition, not all have the same habits, there are those who are more nocturnal and others, however, prefer to get up very soon, you have to reach the balance so that you can rest properly.

Although it seems a minor issue, respecting the biorhythms of the other is important, and being hungry or thirsty and not being able to satisfy them can become exasperating, especially if the couple does not seem to have the same needs.

The keys to survive a trip as a couple:

The hours of eating are a dangerous moment in which one can go crazy, irrational and behave like a child, but it is as simple as deciding soon where to have lunch and dinner.

From discovering places that do not appear in the guides, getting lost in the woods or bathing naked, to cooking classes or jumping on parachutes are activities to do with the couple that go out of the routine. You have to look for those experiences that provide unforgettable memories forever.

There is nothing like humor to get out of any situation, no need to dramatize situations, a laugh in time about any nonsense will soften the situation, the crisis will pass, and make everything go better.

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