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How to dress if you’re a tall girl?

Como debes vestirte si eres alta

Today we are going to share with you the best tricks and tips to dress if you are tall, or at least higher than average since you are not high or low by itself but always in relation to an average considered “normal”. Some people believe that being tall does not have buts in the fashion world, only advantages, but the ones that we are tall know that is not, so the shirts are often short, fishing pants, not all accessories fit your body .

Let’s see then how you can get the maximum benefit to your figure in a simple and entertaining.

-Blues and T-shirts

You may be somewhat exhausted from trying on a basic t-shirt and you will be styled top. A trick? you just need to decant for those garments that are somewhat longer at the bottom and notched at the waist, this way you will balance your silhouette.
Another idea is to wear loose blouses and put them inside the pants or skirt, ideal if you have a long torso.
For colors, stick with the ones you like best, but try to make some contrast between the top and bottom garments. Extra Tip: Choose an asymmetric blouse with ruffle trim on the sleeves and match it with white pants to show off your height on a special occasion.

-Pants and skirts

Straight cut jeans or cropped type are the most suitable for you, if you choose a cigarette you can show eternal legs without worrying that you have something short. As for the skirts and dresses, again you must opt ​​for the mid cut pieces, neither very long nor very short. If you wear a long dress to the feet that is with a flat shoe, just as it happens with the mini skirts, better with sneakers.


With regard to accessories and accessories, we advise you to stay away from the minis; Belts, bangles, earrings, bags all in their right size, neither maxi nor tiny. If you wear a large complement, very well, but that is only one not to overload the styling.

-Those who can not miss

Do not miss in your closet a monkey jumpsuit, long for temperate or short seasons for the summer, with detail of tassels or fringes to break the monotony. A denim overalls or a monkey overalls for hot days can also be a good idea if you combine it with a simple shirt. Don´t forget also the baggy sweaters to wear with a pleated skirt and have a cool and attractive casual look. Also, printed top to match with black pants and let all the attention is focused on the top or mosquets boots for a daring and sexy outfit.

-What not to use if you are high?

Run away from the over-flared jeans, they will give you an even longer leg feel, as well as the extra tight cigarette models.

Avoid also the shorts combined with mini tops, vertical stripes and flyers everywhere, will give you a volume that you need nothing.

Do we include the heels here? It depends on the occasion! You are tall and proud of it so if you like high heels do not hesitate even a moment in social events like weddings, communions, bar mitzvahs, out with friends, wherever you seek to feel more feminine.

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