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Headache and food:

Headache and food

Do you have constant headaches?

Let’s see if it’s the fault of our feeding!

According to medical studies, histamine, present in a large amount of food, could be the cause of the feared migraines and those insufferable headaches that do not happen with anything.

But as some provoke you, there are others who mitigate it. Now, histamine is not the culprit, but rather the lack of the enzyme that metabolizes it (the important thing would not be the chemical process if you are not a chemist or nutritionist, the important thing is to know its consequences).

This is called DAO deficit, and is responsible for both neurological problems such as migraine, and digestive problems.

For that reason it is advisable to review your diet and inform you about those products that contain histamine and that are rich in this molecule.

Those food are:

– Food with gluten: pasta, bread, pastry, etc. You know, the wheat contains it. – Processed foods rich in salt: sausages, salamis, processed meats.

– Dairy: casein, protein that dairy products contain, may be responsible for triggering a migraine.

– Soy and its derivatives

– Monosodium glutomato: frequent in Asian food, canned soups and fish such as smoked salmon.

Tortillas and eggs

– Bananas and citrus fruits

– Chocolates and sweeteners

– Alcohol: contains histamines that lead to vasodilation. 

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