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Fighting for a fresh Breath in 8 steps:

´Hali…what?!´ We are talking abouth bad breath here. So, how to deal with it? Here is a brief explanation about what happens: your mouth is the perfect place for different types of bacteria to grow and form colonies. This is due to the natural characteristics of this cavity: it´s dark, humid, and there is a lot of rests of food…These anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity include: Actinomyces, Arachnia, Bacteroides, Bifidobacterium, Eubacterium, Fusobacterium, Lactobacillus, and many more…

Even if all these types of bacteria are natural and necessary for your organism, they are not cool for social life.


So, what to do?!: are you dating someone tonight? You want to talk close to someone you like, but you have bad breath… it is by far one of the most uncomfortable moements, for real…

Well, here are some tips in order to fight that:

1- Eat properly: no junk food, no fatty food, nor food with a lot of sugar.

2- After eating, brush your teeth. Rinse them slowly. The whole process shouldn´t take less than 3 minutes.

3- Use some mouthwash after brushing.

4- Chew (sugarless) chewing gums. This stimulates the flow of saliva in your mouth. Saliva rinses the mouth and helps eliminate germs and food particles. Look for sugar-free chewing gum, sweetened with xylitol, which prevents the spread of bacteria in your mouth.

5- Drink water throughout the day. The water keeps the mouth hydrated and clean. This will help you to keep the bacteria at a minimum level. It also promotes the flow of saliva, which rinses the mouth naturally.

6- Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol and sodas. These products dry the mouth, which leaves it more prone to any kind of bacteria out there.

7- Increase your fiber intake or take fiber supplements. This promotes digestive health and prevents constipation. Experts say, that poor digestion and constipation can lead to bad breath, since food trapped in your intestines can give off foul-smelling gases. Yes, nature is disgusting sometimes!

8- Avoid foods that cause bad breath. Stay away from onions, garlic, strong cheese, tuna and other spicy stuff… even if they are delicous!


Remember: the trick is to keep breathing!

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