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The Good Coffee Life:

The Good Coffee Life:

What you need to know about coffee:

Did you know that if you drink a very good coffee, you do not need to add any sugar or milk. Tips to enjoy this drink and warn about bugs to avoid

It’s 8:30 a.m.: You enter a bar and order your favorite coffee of the day: an espresso, a cappuccino, whatever. It is the nonalcoholic beverage most drink in the world … every country in the world has a different way of drinking coffee.

Behind the coffee cup is a huge world, and many people are involved in the process. When you drink a cup of coffee you have to think that there are 50 grains inside that someone cultivated, someone ground, someone toasted, someone packed, someone prepared. There is a whole family behind one cup of coffee.

The Good Coffee Life:

There are people who drink it different ways: with sugar, with milk, with cream, with sweets, chocolate, Ice-cream, or even spices from different sides of the world.

However, there are people who self-describe as “purist”: only accept it without sugar and without milk (and, of course, without any topping).
Purists consider that there is no other preparation possible than espresso. Espresso is an extraction, a very strong preparation: if the coffee is very good one can have a very good result, because it is very rich and very powerful in small size; but if the coffee is not very good or the barista is not well trained runs the risk of creating a problem … can fall badly into the stomach and produce acidity.

Is espresso the best way to drink coffee? The answer is no. The different ways of drinking coffee depend on the time of day. When you wake up in the morning you need a mocha, because it is a ritual.

But when it goes to the office, it is delicious to drink an espresso, for a reason: for the after taste of its flavor. One drinks an espresso and has in the mouth for 30 minutes the taste.

The Good Coffee Life:

Then, when evening comes to its time; it’s time for an American-style, filtered coffee. This type of coffee is very light; It is almost like a tea as far as its flavor .. but beware: one thing to keep in mind is that it has more caffeine than espresso. Everyone thinks that espresso is more powerful in terms of caffeine, but it is not, but quite the opposite.

So you have a big peak of caffeine, which would force you to have to wait at least three hours to drink another filtrate

What are the most common mistakes people make when serving coffee? If we talk about drinking it, the first mistake one can make is to sugar it. One is changing the balance of coffee. If you drink a very good coffee, you do not need sugar or milk.

However, if coffee is bad, you can put sugar, milk, whatever you want.

The Good Coffee Life:

What is there to think about the coffee pod? The capsule is an exceptional system. Because if you want to drink a perfect espresso, but at home does not have a barista to do it nor a professional machine, with the capsule can have a perfect espresso very easily.

The Good Coffee Life:

It is an ideal system to have a cup always of good quality, because it offers consistency.

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