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Find here the benefits of cocoa, a pleasant antioxidant!

Te contamos aqui los beneficios del cacao, ¡antioxidante placentero!

This note will bring happiness to your life and also your palate. We can finally talk about a “good, rich and healthy” food, THE COCOA.
Mainly ingredient of our guilty pleasure chocolate has been tested to be heart healthy, source of antioxidants and could even be an ally in weight loss. We’ll review below all the benefits that can bring to your health the once called “food of the gods”

First, in order to start, you must have a clearly differentiate between cocoa and chocolate. Cocoa is the main ingredient with which chocolate is produced (specifically with cocoa paste and cocoa butter), to which are added other products such as sugar, milk or nuts, to make it so sweet and palatable. In itself pure cocoa is bitter but at the same time it is the one that brings the healthy benefits of which we will speak.

According to the amount of cocoa paste used in making chocolate determines whether the product is more or less healthy, and the different types also determines the different kinds of chocolate we know. Black or bitter, with milk, white, cover, cup, etc.
For example, those with a cocoa paste ratio greater than 50% are considered black chocolates.

Here are the main benefits of cocoa:

1. It is the most antioxidant rich food

Polyphenols, specifically flavonols, are compounds that confer cocoa antioxidants, to be fair is the richest food in these substances.
In this way, cocoa phenolic compounds reduce the risk of suffering from diseases associated with aging and oxidative stress, such as some cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

2. Generates cardiosaludable effects

There are several studies that point out that moderate consumption of cocoa or dark chocolate that can helps reduce bad cholesterol and increase good, as well as helps a slight reduction in blood pressure or improve arterial vasodilation. To make matters worse, it reduces the risk of a brain or cardiovascular accident due to its anti-inflammatory effect.

3. Protect our arteries

Also, many scientific studies have noted the relationship between consumption of cocoa or dark chocolate and arteriosclerosis or thrombus formation, since flavonols have vasodilator and antithrombotic effects, which is why they are believed to have a protective role against These health problems.

4. Apparently takes care of memory

Although there are not many studies to date in this field, it appears that some show a slight relationship between consumption of cocoa flavonols and improvement of age-related memory loss, because such compounds also enhance vascularization cerebral.

5. It is thought influences weight loss

Due to its fiber content, it has a satiating effect by delaying gastric emptying. Also, some studies have emphasized that polyphenols reduce body weight and abdominal fat, although most of them point out that more empirical evidence is needed to reinforce this theory.

6. It supplies magnesium in significant amounts

Magnesium is involved in many important functions of the human body, for example, in bone formation and muscle maintenance, among others. Some bodies need higher doses of magnesium, such as athletes, people with heart disease or diabetes, and the elderly.
Also, some drugs may increase the need for magnesium, this is true for laxatives, diuretics or oral contraceptives. The magnesium deficit usually results in muscle cramps, lack of concentration or nervousness. That is why cocoa can be a good natural source of magnesium to help meet these needs.

Have you lost the fear of a little chocolate every day?

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