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The Eastern European versions of Crepes:

The French did not invent everything:

Whenever you talk about crepes, you think directly to the crepes of France … however, one does not have to forget that versions of this food are found all over the world, in different cultures. Just one example of this, are the Blinys.

They say that these blinys (crepes) were prepared to the little Aleksandr Pushkin his nanny Arina Rodionovna.

The Eastern European versions of Crepes:



– Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons

– Flour – 100 g

– Beetroot – 1 unit

– Eggs – 4 units

– Salt – a pinch

– Sugar – 4 tablespoons

– Strawberry – 18 units

– Red currant jam : 2 tablespoons

– Milk – 1 cup

The Eastern European versions of Crepes:


Milk at room temperature mix with an egg and flour. The egg whites of three eggs beat in a solid foam. Clean the beet and squeeze the juice, you need 30 grams of juice. Add it to the dough, add salt and sugar. Mix everything well.

Pour the whites to the dough carefully. Stir up to the state of a smoothie (non-alcoholic creamy drink prepared from fruit). Bake in a cast iron pan, well oiled.


In each finished bliny wrap 3 berries of strawberries. When serving, sprinkle with powdered sugar and put a spoonful of currant jam.

The Eastern European versions of Crepes:

You can eat them with whatever you want: it can be neither salty, or sweet.

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