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You have bought a new Smart Tv?

You have bought a new Smart Tv?

Have you bought a Smart TV and you are planning to hang it on the wall?

The televisions are getting thinner and they look great if we release them from their support and we put them as if they were pictures. There are many things to keep in mind before you can enjoy our television on the wall.

You have bought a new Smart Tv?

3 key issues to consider:

1- Supports: If we are replacing a television that was already hung in the same position, we may have the support we have, since the TVs use a standard called VESA to attach monitors and televisions to the wall. If we have not saved the information of the same, we can always count on the possibility of seeing its characteristics on the internet.

And we have to look at both the weight they support in the anchorage to the wall, and the size of the panel supported. In addition, each television recommends a minimum distance to the wall to ensure the cooling of the same.

2- Connections and cables: This is important since not all televisions have the connectors in the same place, and you also have to take into account if the form of connection is perpendicular to the back of the screen or if it is made parallel to it.

3- Web Connection: And let’s not forget one important detail, which is how we will connect our Smart TV to the internet.

The best option is obviously network cable, the second best option is with a PLC with good bandwidth and the third by Wi-Fi, because if we are going to use DLNA playback features for high resolution content we will need a good connection to our contents.

Now Go and enjoy a good movie!

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