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The best makeup tricks for Halloween:

Booh! You have never been so afraid before!

There are those who hate Halloween, celebrated on October 31 throughout the world. But the typical North American party became a fever in every single place in the World. And the coolest of this type of party is that in addition to wearing a costume, you can have a different face by investing in an extravagant make up and completely changing the look.

Halloween makeup for women or men and for children is one of the coolest details of the only day of the year when you can fulfill your dream of being a superhero without anyone pointing and speaking badly (and still take lots of cool pictures).

Let’s go to the most important part: characters inspiration.

The girls can go in common makeup and with nightly appeal and with strong colors and the boys can go only with a base to get the look paler. The important thing is that on Halloween, anything can match properly!

Halloween makeup usually has a strong dramatic appeal, so the use of strong colors is essential. It is also indicated to wear a make up more night, since the parties for this event usually are in the ‘time of the witch’.

The best makeup tricks for Halloween:


The best makeup tricks for Halloween:


The best makeup tricks for Halloween:


1- Anime Character – Remember to capillary on the eyelashes and wear a makeup that will make your eyes bigger. Paint both the inner and lower eyelids in white, skirting the area with black then creating fake eyes.

2- Carrie, the stranger – A long dress, a crown and a lot of blood – Your Halloween costume is ready!

3- Bride Corpse – You will need blue paint.

4- Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones – Platinum hair is the main character of this character. You can make the look belted and with the belly outside the character in the desert, or adopt the look used in Meereen (long blue dress). Makeup is very natural and if you choose the first look, make marks of dirt all over the body. Another idea is to make her mouth dirty with blood, alluding to the episode in which she devours the heart of a horse.

5- Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland – This Halloween makeup is easy, but you’ll need a base with good coverage to hide your eyebrows. A red wig is also welcome.

The best makeup tricks for Halloween:


The best makeup tricks for Halloween:


The best makeup tricks for Halloween:


1- Mad Hatter – Alice in Wonderland – You will need light foundation and powder, blue and red shade, blush, white mascara, red lipstick and a very bulky orange wig.

2- Killer Clown – There are several ways to make this Halloween makeup. Either way, you’ll need the following basic items: white, black and red paint and brush. Another alternative is to use base and powder of very light shades, red lipstick and black eye pencil.

3- Khal Drogo – Game of Thrones – This is a strong and wild character with very striking features (such as beard, black makeup and blurred eyes paint and body painting) that make it a great choice for Halloween.

4- Yoda – Star Wars – Of green paint you will need, and wrinkles with pen or black pencil you should do!

5- Ragnar Lothbrok- Vikings. You will need a proper haircut, and the soldier´s eyes, and that beautiful babyface!


Enjoy the night! Booh!

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