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Beet Mayonnaise:

Beet Mayonnaise:

The most fun mayonnaise of all mayonnaise:

There are too many times in which we are tired of the same colors on the plate; so, you see your dish, and even if you love it, you ask yourself, how could you make it ´funnier´, or your kids tell you they want to have a ´more creative food in their dish´…. so? do you really need change the food?

In order not to change not the food, but the color, we can use this type of ‘mayonnaise’. As its name describes it, its composition is made with beetroot … with which, the final result is a beautiful light violet.

The preparation of it is, so easy… taht you can do it with your kids!

This recipe is ideal for children to play at Halloween time with carrots and pumpkins!

Beet Mayonnaise:

– 2 cooked beets without skin.

– 2 slices of pumpkin (baked much better) and without skin.

– Juice of ¼ lemon.

– 1/4 clove of garlic.

– Olive oil, quantity needed.

– sea salt and pepper.

Process all the ingredients, except the oil, which will be added little by little until the desired texture is achieved.

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