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´Baby Colic´:

Baby cramps are very common:

… in the first three months of life. It is a picture that is not serious and is very common. The baby cries hard and hard, flexes the legs to the belly and screams. These episodes can be long, lasting several hours, to the exasperation of many parents. They were defined as a “three-rule”: more than three hours of crying, more than three days a week, in infants less than three months.

They are usually evening, appear about the third week of life and increase until two and a half months, when they begin to decline.

It is important to understand that colic is very common in child rearing, it happens on its own, it is no one’s fault.

´Baby Colic´:

Tips to calm the baby down:

-The use of the pacifier. After two weeks of life so it does not interfere with breastfeeding. In general it is accepted and can help in some cases.

-In difficult cases, go for a walk or ride in a car.

-Portear. Babies in the highlands cry less, and maybe it’s because their moms carry them all the time on their backs. Being in the mother’s chest, listening to your heartbeat, is a natural sedative for the baby, because it gives you warmth, confidence and relaxation.

-Slowly hamak it and lessen the stimuli. Contrary to many parents, who move and pass from one arms to another, it is best to reduce the stimuli, to lower the light, to give caresses in the belly and a smooth movement that creates a climate suitable for rest.

-A warm bath can help the baby relax

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