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Ants are destroying your garden?

Ants are destroying your garden?

How to eliminate ants from the garden:

The garden is the place where the ants will appear most likely due to the conditions that it gathers and, in the same way, the place where it will be more complicated to eliminate them and finish them off.

Ants are destroying your garden?

Due to the conditions that the garden gathers, many people do not want to use chemical products or sprays that can affect the life of the plants, trees and flowers in the garden.

Ants are destroying your garden?


It is easy to eliminate ants using natural means:

1- Grow key foods. If you have an orchard inside the garden, it is interesting to grow a series of vegetables and plants that can cause ants to bother at home. For example, onion, garlic or lavender. If, on the other hand, there is no garden at home, it is possible to spray the plants and flowers with infusions of these vegetables that have been macerating for several hours and have acquired a bitter consistency.

2- Drive them away with ash. The components that have the ashes can scare away the ants that appear in our garden. If we are afraid that the ants appear on the plants we can sprinkle them with tobacco ashes. Another option is to root out the problem and sprinkle that tobacco ash or burnt papers over the anthill that we discovered when we saw the ants at home.

3- Cover the trees. If we have fruit trees in the garden, it is very possible that if there are ants at home they will go towards them. A good idea is to cover the trunk of the tree with rubber and then rub this gum with mineral fat. The tree will be able to continue breathing without any problem, but the ants will not be able to pass and climb the tree.

4- Add some salt. If we prefer to drive away as a way to eliminate ants, but we do not want to use chemical repellents, the ideal way to try not to enter our garden is to make a barrier with salt protecting crops, plants and flowers. Another option is to make it with bicarbonate.

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