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4 reasons to have a dog as a pet

4 razones para tener un perro como mascota

Having a dog implies responsibility. You have to be careful to feed him, to take him to the vet, to keep him clean and without diseases, to pick up his stools, walk them and give them time and attention. But then, why would we want to venture into such a task? We tell you below four excellent reasons why having a dog in your house and making it part of your family:

1- Because it improves our health

It has been concluded, through various studies, that having a dog as a pet is related to a drop in blood pressure, also walking promotes weight loss and helps us to stay active, that is Prevents sedentariness.

2- Because he is a faithful friend!

If you want to know what a loyal friendship really is, seriously consider having a dog. You will find the security that he will be for you in good and bad, without judging, only accompanying you to give you relief without further consideration. In fact, the dog does not care if you are tall or short, thin or fat, pretty or ugly, poor or rich; He will be faithful to you and will love you unconditionally in any way.

3- Because it helps the development of children

If you have or are planning to have small children, having a dog can benefit them in different ways. The dog strengthens the immune system of children (children who come in constant contact from small to animals get sick less), helps an increase in the ability to socially relate and, if they are directly responsible for attending, also increases Their sense of responsibility and love towards nature and living beings.

4- Because it increases our happiness

A dog will amuse you with its occurrences and mischief, it will give you an escape from your daily pressures, it will give you a better quality of life and will greet you anxiously when you arrive at your house with joy to see you once again. There are studies that suggest that just by petting your pet increases the release of endorphins that make you feel full, satisfied and happy.

Before we say goodbye to the next article I want to advise you on the following: do an investigation on what breed of dog, size and personality best suits your family, the size of your home and your lifestyle. If you want to let a dog into your life, they are aware of them in shelters waiting to be adopted by a family to whom to offer all their love. So do not buy, adopt!

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