How to Get Your Boyfriend to Hug You Without You Asking Him

Let him know that hugs are acceptable public displays of affection.Let him know that hugs are acceptable public displays of affection.

Step 1

Hug your boyfriend on a regular basis, such as when you see him and when you part company. This accustoms him to the idea of hugging you. It also helps him understand that your hugs demonstrate your appreciation for him.

Step 2

Tell your boyfriend how much you love it when he hugs you. Mention your enjoyment of hugs when he offers one and when discussing things you enjoy about your relationship. Explain how important hugging is for you, how it makes you feel and the value of hugging in bringing you closer together. The more he understands why you enjoy hugs, the more likely he will be give them.

Step 3

Mention that you heard about a study reporting that men who engage in affectionate behavior with their partners have happier and more successful relationships, according to the Kinsey Institute. Suggest that hugging and cuddling is something that makes you happy and ask if he feels the same way. You can determine his comfort level with affectionate displays by listening to his comments.

Step 4

Play soft music in the background and suggest that you might dance together. The music will cause both of you to relax, and it should put both of you in a sentimental or romantic mood. Dancing in his arms makes a hug easier and more natural response.


  • He won’t know how you value hugging unless you tell him.

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