How to Find Women to Date

The gym can be a good place to meet women.The gym can be a good place to meet women.

Step 1

Shower, shave and do your full “get ready” routine every day. Part of meeting women is being ready to meet them at any time and in any place. You never know when you might run into a woman who you want to ask out on a date. You don’t want to miss that opportunity because you’re in a dirty T-shirt and sweatpants.

Step 2

Ask friends to set you up. Many people start relationships with someone in their extended social circle. If you have mostly male friends, ask their girlfriends or sisters if they have any single friends they can set you up with. Mention that you are single and looking if you feel uncomfortable or desperate asking for a blind date directly.

Step 3

Approach women in the grocery store, pharmacy and gym instead of bars and night clubs. You also can look for single women in the bookstore or in a continuing education class. Women run errands, work out and buy food just like you do. Look around in everyday places such as the bank or a local restaurant. You also can meet women in the park on a nice day if you live in a city or the suburbs, or at the dog park if you have a dog.

Step 4

Try an online dating website. If it’s really difficult for you to walk up to women and start a conversation, online dating sites distance you from rejection because your first exchanges take place entirely on the Internet. Plenty of sane, normal and attractive women have profiles on dating websites.

Step 5

Approach women you don’t know with confidence. You shouldn’t be creepy or overly aggressive, because that just scares women off. You should, however, be confident and willing to go up to a woman you find attractive and start a conversation. After all, women go on dates primarily because men ask them.


  • Be wary of women who seem too good to be true online. Online dating scams are an unfortunate reality of meeting women on the Internet.

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