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If in this 2017 you have quit smoking 7 times (and returned another 7), this is for you:

If in this 2017 you have quit smoking 7 times (and returned another 7), this is for you:

First of all, what has happened to you, happens to everyone who suffers from an addiction. That’s why it’s an addiction, you can not control it every day, and every day it controls you.

Once again, thanks to science, there are tips to follow to get what we want … a scientific study indicates that there are foods that make the cigar worse and others like hamburger, meat, tea, alcohol and Coffee that improve it. Are you in trouble? Ups!


Luckily we are against tobacco companies, and here you are: a list of 6 foods that will help you quit smoking:
1- Fruits
Those that have diuretic and relaxing properties are recommended, such as apple, pineapple, pear and watermelon.

Also recommended are those that include vitamin C such as kiwi, guava and orange, since nicotine creates a deficiency of this type of vitamin.

2- Vegetables
Purslane, spinach, carrots and pumpkins contain vitamin A that repairs radicals in the body that generates tobacco.

3- Sweets
Small amounts help regulate the pleasure center of the brain, supplanting the effect that nicotine would do and thus avoid anxiety.

4- Dried fruits
In addition to providing vitamin E and fiber, they are also ideal for relieving anxiety in case of wanting to smoke.

5- Oats and rice
These foods contain selenium that prevents heart disease and eliminates toxins generated by nicotine.

6- Asparagus and cherries
Combined in a salad, these foods also have excellent diuretic function that helps eliminate the toxins produced by cigarettes.

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